Three Open Source Logistic Software Solutions

Logistics is a specific management process for coordinating and monitoring effective flow of goods from the source of origin to the point of use. The entire process has to be conducted efficiently in order to meet the customer and corporation needs. This in turn will contribute to effective development of the corporation contributing to the profit of the company.

Professionals involved in management and monitoring of such processes have to manage information, transport products, handle materials, monitor inventory, observe warehouse together with duties of looking after packaging and security needs of the entire process. Complexity of handling such processes are huge. There are huge amount of data that needs attention. Countless reports over the data have to be kept ready all the time. The duty of a logistic professional is not only modeling strategies for simplifying the processes but optimizing the process and analyzing the changes. There are software systems that help in such constantly changing domain to adapt to the effective flow of product and information from the source to the point of use.

Usually software systems are of two types. One is the open source software system and the other is licensed. Open source software systems are available with software code. It is possible for the user to study the integration, change and improve the entire platform. Thus with the same software system, one can handle the logistics of IT materials, aerospace and defense or hospitality industry. Alongside, open source logistic software can be used in retail sales applications to Accounting and in inventory applications.

There are three open source logistic software systems that are quite popular. One is the Overactive Logistics.  Other two are Venture logistics and OSLA.

Overactive Logistics

The software requirements of Overactive Logistics are JAVA, JBoss and My SQL. At the same time browser with the java plug-in is necessary. For different versions, the edition of MY SQL and the JAVA or JAVA plug-in varies too. Mostly, this software use window based operating systems and is used as freight forwarding software solutions in the proper management of cargo. Both the web based and the stand alone mode of the software systems are available and provide graphical user-interface. One first needs to install java, the MY SQL, JBoss and then download and use Overactive Logistics. There are catalogs and also the opportunity to create schema called LOGISTICS. After generating the database, one needs to deploy Data-source and the data driver and then deploy Overactive logistics. After running the software system, when the screen shows the access application or the long in screen, the software is ready to be put into use.


OSLA is also an open source logistics software system, which is a web system. It supports tracking and labeling of shipments as well as third party interface can be added to document the industry’s messaging in various formats such as DHL and APIs. Fed EX and UPS document report can be added too. In order to make invoicing convenient for the user, the entire file can be generated in CSV format. This software system is multilingual and it has different levels of administration and user permission. End user can analyze the data present and present the same with statistical support and graphs.

Venture Logistics

Venture Logistics allows tracking international and domestic freight due-in by the order of purchase and warehouse. Accurate data keeping of timing, money receipt and other customer offers can be kept for day to day, weekly and monthly view. Outbound shipments can be integrated too with bill of lading.